Liebert SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS with FREE centralized monitoring sofwtare

Elevate Power Reliability with the Vertiv Liebert GXT-6000MTPLUSC230 UPS and SNMP Management Card

Experience unmatched power reliability with the dynamic combination of the Vertiv Liebert GXT-6000MTPLUSC230 UPS and the Liebert SNMP Management Card.

Vertiv Liebert GXT-6000MTPLUSC230 UPS:
Product Type: 6KVA/5400W True Online Tower UPS
Brand: Vertiv Liebert
Model: GXT-6000MTPLUSC230
Features: Compact Design, True Online Performance
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Price: Contact us for pricing

Upgrade your power infrastructure with the Vertiv Liebert GXT-6000MTPLUSC230 UPS. With a formidable 6KVA/5400W capacity and tower design, this UPS guarantees a consistent power supply for your critical applications.


Liebert SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS:

Product Overview:

Enhance your power management capabilities with the Liebert SNMP Management Card designed for GXT-MTPLUS UPS systems. This card comes with complimentary centralized monitoring software, providing you with advanced control and oversight of your power infrastructure.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with GXT-MTPLUS UPS systems
  • Includes FREE centralized monitoring software
  • Enables remote management and control
  • Enhances visibility and proactive maintenance

Efficient Power Management: The Liebert SNMP Management Card offers seamless integration with GXT-MTPLUS UPS systems, allowing you to remotely monitor and manage your power infrastructure. The included centralized monitoring software ensures that you have complete visibility into the performance of your UPS units.

Remote Control and Monitoring: Take advantage of remote management capabilities to control and monitor your UPS systems from a centralized location. This enables you to respond promptly to any anomalies or events, ensuring optimal power protection for your critical equipment.

Complimentary Monitoring Software: With the FREE centralized monitoring software, you gain access to a comprehensive platform that empowers you to proactively manage your power infrastructure. Stay informed about power conditions and take preventive measures to avoid disruptions.

Upgrade your power management strategy with the Liebert SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS. Unlock the potential of remote monitoring and control, ensuring the utmost reliability for your critical operations. Contact us for further details and availability.

Liebert SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS
Liebert SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS


  1. Ethernet Port (10/100Base-T): This port provides a flexible network connection with support for both 10Mbps and 100Mbps data transfer rates.
  2. Sensor/Data Transmission Port (EMD Port): The EMD port enables the transmission of sensor and data information, enhancing the monitoring capabilities of your system.
  3. SNMP Card Connector: This connector establishes a connection between the SNMP card and the UPS slot, facilitating seamless communication between the management card and the UPS system.
  4. Ethernet Port Status LEDs:
    • 100M LED (Green): When illuminated, this LED indicates that the port is operating at a fast 100Mb/s data transfer rate.
    • Link Status LED (Yellow): This LED flashes to indicate an active network link. When off, it indicates that the card is not connected to the network.
  5. Jumper Setting for Default Restoration: This jumper setting enables the restoration of default configuration settings for the card, providing a convenient way to revert to the initial settings.


Product Specifications:

Card Model Liebert SNMP Management Card
Compatibility GXT-MTPLUS UPS Systems
Included Software Centralized Monitoring Software (FREE)
Remote Management Yes
Control and Monitoring Yes
Enhanced Visibility Yes
Supported Features (Specify supported features)
Supported Devices (Specify supported devices)
Remote Access (Specify remote access details)
Ethernet Connectivity
– Ethernet Yes
– Ethernet Technology Ethernet
– Ethernet Protocol Ethernet
Supported Protocols HTTP, SNMPv3
Vendor Information
– Brand Liebert
– Product Name SNMP Management Card for GXT-MTPLUS With Free Centralized Monitoring Software
– Product Type UPS Management Adapter
– Vendor Vertiv
– Vendor Code WEBPROCARD
– Vendor Site


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