Vertiv Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS 2000VA/1800Watt 230V LCD Tower Built in Battery

Elevate Power Reliability with the Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS

Product Type: 2000Watt / 1800VA True Online Mini-Tower UPS
Brand: Liebert
Model: GXT-2000MTPLUSC230, Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS
Features: Compact Design, True Online Double Conversion, LCD Display
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Elevate your power reliability with the Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS. With 2000Watt / 1800VA power capacity and true online double conversion technology, this UPS ensures continuous power for critical devices. Its compact mini-tower design and advanced features provide a reliable solution for your power needs.

Upgrade your power protection with the Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS. Whether it’s for small data centers, telecommunication setups, or other critical applications, ensure uninterrupted operations. Reach out to us for pricing and availability in Pakistan. Your power stability is our priority.


Vertiv Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS:

Overview: Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS

Introducing the Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230, a part of the GXT-MTPlus CX Series – an online uninterruptible power supply engineered to provide reliable and continuous power protection for your critical equipment.

Key Features:

2000VA/1800W Power Capacity: With a robust power capacity of 2000VA/1800W, this UPS ensures that your essential devices remain operational during power disruptions.

True Online Double Conversion: Equipped with true online double conversion technology, the GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 offers consistent and clean power to safeguard sensitive electronics.

LCD Display: The built-in LCD display provides real-time information, offering insights into the UPS status, battery charge, and alarms, facilitating efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.

Built-in Battery: Benefit from the convenience of a built-in battery, ensuring immediate power backup during outages without the need for additional components.

Compact Tower Design: Designed in a tower form factor, this UPS is space-efficient and can easily integrate into your workspace without taking up excess room.

The Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS from the GXT-MTPlus CX Series is the solution you need to maintain uninterrupted operations for your critical equipment. Whether it’s for small data centers, telecommunication setups, computer rooms, or other applications, this UPS delivers reliable power protection to keep your systems running smoothly.

For more information, technical specifications, and pricing details, feel free to get in touch. Ensure the continuity of your operations with the Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS.

Product Specifications:

Specification Details
Brand Vertiv™
Model (GXT-2000MTPLUSC230) “Vertiv” Liebert GXT MTPLUS CX2000VA/1800W, 240V Mini-tower UPS
Output Power Capacity 2000Watt / 1800VA
Nominal Output Voltage 208/220/230/240VAC
Topology True Online
AC Voltage Regulation ±1% (Batt. Mode)
Frequency Range 47 ~ 53 Hz or 57 ~ 63 Hz (Synchronized Range)
Current Crest Ratio 3:1
Harmonic Distortion 3% THD (linear load); 6% THD (non-linear load)
Typical Recharge Time 4 hours recover to 90% capacity (Typical)
Height 397 mm
Width 145 mm
Depth 220 mm
Weight 17 kg

The Liebert GXT-2000MTPLUSC230 UPS, part of the GXT MTPLUS CX Series, provides a substantial power capacity of 2000Watt / 1800VA and offers true online double conversion technology for reliable power protection. With its compact mini-tower design and a wide range of features, this UPS is an ideal solution for critical applications.

For more specific technical details and pricing information, please reach out to us. Your power stability is our priority.

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