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Sell Used Servers & Networking

Looking for a solution for what to do with your obsolete computing gear that is painless for you and the environment? Updating your data center and need a place to dispose of your outdated IT equipment? Ace-communication is the best place to Sell Used Servers & Networking equipment.

We’ll pay you to take it off your hands and set our team to work refurbishing your outdated equipment for renewed use. If your equipment can’t be refurbished, then we’ll handle the server recycling process.

At Ace-communication, you could get paid for the equipment, and know it is properly handled with your data protected. Why add to a landfill when you can add to your wallet?

HP Servers

Ace-communication Makes It Easy to Sell Used Servers & Equipment

When you sell used servers and IT equipment to us not only will you make some money, but you’ll also help the environment. We’ll either refurbish your servers and equipment or ensure everything is properly recycled. Either way, you could walk away with some cash in your pocket and the knowledge that you did your part with handling your used equipment in the best manner possible. Our three-step process will make everything as easy as possible.

Asset Identification
Send us your asset list

Asset lists should include all available details, such as:
◉ Model number
◉ Configuration information
◉ Purchase date
◉ Service tag

Asset Evaluation
We measure marketability

Comprehensive report including market value of assets:
◉ Quick turnaround times
◉ 1-2 business days
◉ Offer good for 30 days

Asset Purchase
You get paid

◉ Account setup
◉ Logistics & freight plan
◉ Equipment pickup
◉ Quick payment
◉ Certificates of destruction or wipe issued

Fill out the form and leave the rest to us

We’ll evaluate your product and provide an offer within 48 business hours. Please note that if your equipment is damaged, non-functioning, or beyond salvageable, we may not be able to provide you with a cash offer. If we are not able to provide you with a cash offer for your equipment, we will still contact you about recycling options that may best fit your needs.

Packaging your Equipment

We refurbish, customize, and sell used servers that are the highest possible quality, and we maintain this quality every step of the way. You can help us protect this product quality by making sure to package your item safely to prevent damage in transit.

Shipping your Equipment

Once you accept the offer, we'll send you a shipping label so you can send us your product and get paid sooner. You clear outdated equipment from your space, get paid for it, and can rest assured that it's winding up responsibly renewed. We sell used servers that could have ended up cluttering landfills. Helping the environment feels good, doesn't it?

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