Vertiv SIC card for SNMP/WEB Management for Liebert ITA2 (2351817)

Elevate Power Reliability with the Vertiv SIC Card for SNMP/WEB Management

Product Type: Management Card
Brand: Vertiv
Model: SIC Card for Liebert ITA2 (2351817)
Features: Advanced Monitoring and Management, SNMP and Web Interfaces
Form Factor: N/A
Wiring Type: N/A
Dimensions: (Specify dimensions)
Part Number: 2351817
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Price: Contact us for pricing

Upgrade your power reliability with the Vertiv SIC Card for SNMP/WEB Management. This management card, designed for use with Liebert ITA2 UPS systems (2351817), provides advanced monitoring and management capabilities through SNMP and web interfaces. Ensure optimal performance and stay in control of your critical power infrastructure. Explore advanced power protection today.


Vertiv SIC card for SNMP/WEB Management for Liebert ITA2:

Product Overview:

The Vertiv SIC Card (2351817) is a network management card designed to enhance the remote monitoring and management capabilities of the Liebert ITA2 UPS system. This card enables SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and web-based management, providing administrators with greater control and visibility over the UPS and its connected equipment. Here’s an overview of its key features and benefits:

Product Overview: Vertiv SIC Card (2351817)

Key Features:

  1. Remote Monitoring: The SIC Card allows administrators to remotely monitor the status, performance, and health of the Liebert ITA2 UPS system from any location with network connectivity.
  2. SNMP Compatibility: The card supports SNMP, a widely used network management protocol. This enables integration with network management systems (NMS) for centralized monitoring and alerts.
  3. Web-Based Interface: The card provides a user-friendly web interface that allows administrators to access real-time data, configure settings, and perform diagnostics through a standard web browser.
  4. Alerts and Notifications: The SIC Card can send out alerts and notifications via email or SNMP traps in the event of UPS events or alarms, allowing administrators to respond promptly to critical situations.
  5. Remote Configuration: Administrators can remotely configure various UPS settings, including input/output voltage, frequency, battery thresholds, and more, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.
  6. Event Logging: The card maintains a log of UPS events, alarms, and activities, facilitating troubleshooting and analysis of historical data.
  7. Security: The card offers secure access with user authentication and password protection, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and manage the UPS system.
  8. Firmware Updates: The card’s firmware can be updated remotely, ensuring that the card remains up to date with the latest features and security enhancements.
  9. Compatibility: The Vertiv SIC Card is specifically designed for the Liebert ITA2 UPS series (model number: 2351817), providing seamless integration and compatibility.

By integrating the Vertiv SIC Card into the Liebert ITA2 UPS system, administrators can effectively monitor and manage the UPS’s operation, receive alerts, and make necessary adjustments to ensure the continuous and reliable operation of critical equipment. The card’s SNMP and web management capabilities make it a valuable tool for data center and facility managers seeking to maintain high levels of uptime and performance.

Detail Specifications:

Product Name Vertiv SIC Card for SNMP/WEB Management
Compatibility Liebert ITA2 UPS (2351817)
Management Interfaces SNMP, Web
Features Advanced Monitoring and Management
Remote Management Yes
Dimensions (mm) (Specify dimensions)
Part Number 2351817
Condition New
Availability In Stock
Price Contact us for pricing


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