Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS 230V LCD long backup model (included IS-UNITY-DP SNMP/Web Card & rail kit) ‘01202672’

Elevate Power Reliability with the Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS

Product Type: 10KVA/10KW True Online Tower UPS
Brand: Liebert
Model: ITA2 10KVA/10KW
Features: SNMP/Web Card, External Batteries, Long Backup Support
Form Factor: Rack/Tower
Wiring Type: Single Phase
Dimensions: (Specify dimensions)
Part Number: 01202672
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Price: Contact us for pricing

Upgrade your power reliability with the Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS. This powerful UPS, complete with an included SNMP/Web Card, ensures a continuous power supply through external batteries and extended backup support. Designed to withstand various conditions, it’s dust-proof, moisture-proof, high-temperature resistant, and highly durable. Certified for high altitude and seismic conditions, it’s an advanced solution you can rely on. Operating temperature: 0-50°C. Noise level at 3ft/1m: <58 dBA. Explore advanced power protection now.


Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS:

Product Overview:

The Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS is a high-performance Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system designed to provide reliable and consistent power protection for critical electronic equipment. This model comes with a variety of features and specifications that make it suitable for various environments and applications. Here’s an overview of its key features:


  • Rated Capacity: 10KVA/10KW
  • Input Voltage: 230V

Key Features:

  • LCD Display: The UPS is equipped with an LCD display that provides real-time information about the system’s status, input/output voltage, load, battery status, and other important parameters.
  • Long Backup Model: The UPS is designed to offer extended backup times, ensuring that your connected equipment remains operational during power outages or fluctuations.
  • Included IS-UNITY-DP SNMP/Web Card: This feature allows for remote monitoring and management of the UPS system through SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and web interfaces, enhancing control and visibility over the power infrastructure.
  • Rail Kit Included: The package includes a rail kit that makes it easier to install and integrate the UPS into your existing infrastructure.
  • Operating Temperature: The UPS is designed to operate within a temperature range of 0°C to 50°C, making it suitable for various environments and conditions.
  • Storage Temperature: It can be stored within a temperature range of -15°C to 50°C, ensuring that the UPS remains functional even during storage in different conditions.
  • Dust Proof: The UPS is designed to resist dust, ensuring that internal components remain clean and functional even in dusty environments.
  • Moisture Proof: The moisture-resistant design helps protect the UPS from the potential damages caused by moisture and humidity.
  • High-Temperature Proof: The UPS is built to withstand high temperatures, ensuring that it remains operational even in environments with elevated temperatures.
  • High Durability: The UPS is constructed to be highly durable, providing reliable power protection in various demanding situations.
  • High Altitude Certified: The UPS is certified to operate at high altitudes, making it suitable for installations in areas with higher elevation.
  • Seismic Certified: The UPS is certified to be seismic-resistant, ensuring that it can withstand vibrations and shocks caused by seismic activities.
  • Storage Relative Humidity: The UPS can be stored in environments with relative humidity levels of up to 95% without condensation issues.
  • Low Noise: The UPS produces minimal noise during operation, with noise levels of less than 58 dBA when measured from 3 feet (1 meter) away.

The Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS is a robust and versatile solution designed to safeguard critical equipment from power disruptions and provide operational continuity in a wide range of settings. Its advanced features, durability, and remote management capabilities make it a suitable choice for businesses and organizations with stringent power protection requirements.

Product Specifications:

Model Liebert ITA2 10KVA/10KW UPS
Input Voltage 230V
Output Voltage Hardwire Single-phase, 230VAC
Power Capacity 10KVA/10KW
Included Components IS-UNITY-DP SNMP/Web Card, Rail Kit
Form Factor Rack/Tower
Wiring Type Single Phase
Dimensions (mm) (Specify dimensions)
Part Number 01202672
Condition New
Availability In Stock
Price Contact us for pricing
Operating Conditions
– Operating Temperature 0-50°C
– Storage Temperature -15-50°C
– Dust Proof Yes
– Moisture Proof Yes
– High-Temperature Proof Yes
– High Durability Yes
– High Altitude Certified Yes
– Seismic Certified Yes
– Storage Relative Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
– Noise at 3ft/1m from unit (dBA) <58


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