Vertiv Load Transfer Switch 32A Hardwired Input, 4 Way C13 and 4 Way C19 Outlets 02353758

Elevate Power Control with the Vertiv Load Transfer Switch

Product Type: Load Transfer Switch with Triple Logic Redundancy
Brand: Vertiv
Model: Vertiv Load Transfer Switch (Part Number: 02353758)
Features: Fuseless Design, Solid-State Digital Bus Transfer, Internal Redundancy
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
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Enhance power control reliability with the Vertiv Load Transfer Switch. Equipped with triple logic redundancy and solid-state digital bus transfer, this switch ensures seamless power management. Its innovative design and internal redundancy guarantee uninterrupted power distribution. Elevate your power control capabilities with Vertiv’s cutting-edge solution.”


Vertiv Load Transfer Switch 32A:

Product Overview:

Elevate Power Control with the Vertiv Load Transfer Switch

The Vertiv Load Transfer Switch is a cutting-edge solution designed to enhance power control and ensure uninterrupted operations. Equipped with advanced features, this switch is poised to meet the demands of critical power management scenarios.

Key Features:

  1. Triple Logic Redundancy: Experience seamless power control with an unmatched level of reliability. The Vertiv Load Transfer Switch integrates triple logic redundancy to guarantee continuous power management in any situation.
  2. Liebert LTS Solution: With solid-state digital bus transfer technology, the Liebert LTS Solution sets new standards in power control. Its design advantages stand out, extending market leadership beyond what competitors can offer.
  3. 100% Rated, Fuseless Design: Embrace a safer and more efficient power control solution. The switch’s fuseless design, rated at 100%, ensures consistent performance without the need for fuses.
  4. Flash Memory for Firmware Updates: Stay updated while maintaining performance. Flash memory enables seamless firmware updates without compromising critical load support.
  5. Replaceable Control/Power Assembly: Maintenance is simplified. Units up to 400A feature an easily replaceable control/power assembly, facilitating maintenance, service, or complete replacement.
  6. True Internal Triple Redundancy: Rely on true internal triple redundancy powered by advanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology. This ensures consistent and dependable power management.
  7. Internal Dual-Bus Control Power: Benefit from added redundancy with dual-bus control power supported by two power supplies, further enhancing the reliability of the system.
  8. Input Surge Protection: Safeguard equipment from unexpected power surges with input surge protection, enhancing overall system resilience.


Product Specifications:

Feature Details
Product Name Vertiv Load Transfer Switch
Part Number 02353758
Input Rating 32A Hardwired Input
Output 4 Way C13 Outlets, 4 Way C19 Outlets
Logic Redundancy Triple Logic Redundancy
LTS Solution Solid-State Digital Bus Transfer (Liebert LTS Solution)
Design 100% Rated, Fuseless
Firmware Update Flash Memory for Firmware Updates
Replaceable Assembly Easily Replaceable Control/Power Assembly (Units up to 400A)
Internal Redundancy True Internal Triple Redundancy (Logic DSP)
Control Power Internal Dual-Bus Control Power with Two Power Supplies
Surge Protection Input Surge Protection
Flexibility Tailored Configuration
Access Design True Front-Access Design
Optimized Transfer Optimized Transfer Option (Patented Algorithm)


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