IBM Rack 7014-T00 37U

Brand: IBM
Product Line: Rack
Name: IBM Rack 37U 7014-T00
Model: 7014-T00
Details: Width:644, Depth 1098, Height 1804
Availability:  Available
Condition: Used/Refurbished
Shipping: All over Pakistan
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IBM Rack 7014-T00 Model highlights

  • 1.8 meter Model T00 capacity is 37U (EIA units).
  • Optional features include the front door, removable side panels, and side-to-side joining of multiple racks into suites.
  • Optional ruggedized rack feature provides added earthquake protection with a modular rear brace, concrete floor bolt-down hardware, and bolt-in steel front filler panels.
  • Available in standard black or optional white color.
  • Model T00 supports both AC and DC configurations.
  • Regular or acoustic door options


The IBM Rack 37U 7014-T00 detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and service clearances.

Table 1. Dimensions
Height 1804 mm (71.0 in.)
Capacity 36 usable EIA units
Height with PDP – DC only 1926 mm (75.8 in.)
Width without side panels 623 mm (24.5 in.)
Width with side panels 644 mm (25.4 in)
Depth with rear door only 1042 mm (41.0 in.)
Depth with rear door and front door 1098 mm (43.3 in.)
Depth with sculptured style front door 1147 mm (45.2 in.)
Table 2. Weight
Base rack (empty)
Full rack
244 kg (535 lb) 816 kg (1795 lb)

See 7014-T007014-T42, and 0553 rack weight distribution and floor loading

Table 3. Electrical1
Electrical characteristics
DC rack voltage (nominal) -48 V dc
Power source loading maximum in kVa2 See Power distribution unit and power cord options for 7014, 0551, 0553, and 0555 rack for details
Voltage range (V dc) -40 – -60
AC rack 683 Btu/hr
Power source loading maximum in kVa (per PDB)3 135 W
Voltage range (V ac) 200 – 240
Frequency (Hz) 50 or 60

1 The total rack power should be derived from the sum of the power used by the drawers in the rack.

2 The power distribution panel (PDP) on the DC-powered rack can hold up to eighteen (nine per power source) 48-volt, 20 – 50 amperes circuit breakers (configuration dependent). Each power source supports up to 8.4 kVa.

3Each ac power distribution bus (PDB) can supply 4.8 kVa. A rack can have up to four PDBs as required by the drawers mounted in the rack.

Table 4. Service clearances
915 mm (36 in.) 915 mm (36 in.) 915 mm (36 in.)

See your server or hardware specifications for specific temperature and humidity requirements.

Rack noise levels are a function of the number and type of drawers installed. See your server or hardware specifications for specific requirements.


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