Fujitsu Rack 42U 19R-174A1

Brand: Fujitsu 42U Rack 19R-174A1
Product Line: Rack
Name: Fujitsu 42U Rack
Model: 19R-174A1
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Fujitsu Rack 42U:

The Fujitsu Rack 42U 19-inch rack is used to mount Fujitsu 19-inch rack-mount products (for the Open Systems market). Compliance standard: EIA 19-inch rack standard (universal pitch)  The Feature and Technical table of 19R-174A1 are shown below.

Features & Benefits:

Features  Benefits
19-inch standard rack technology
  • Compatible with Fujitsu Technology Solutions rack servers, storage products, and components as well as products from most manufacturers.
Optimized rack structures
  • Different rack frames for efficient server, switch, power, and cable installation with the best possible airflow.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame for low stress on DC raised floors.
  • Symmetric rack structures: 600 mm with 24 and 42 height units or 800 mm width with 42 and 47 height units.
  • 24, 42, and 47 U, up to 6 vertical slots for switches or cable routing.


Technical details:

Doors One wing front door and twin rear door with a high percentage of holes (approx. 83%) for improved server cooling. Ergonomic door handles
 Cable management and service Optimized cable routing for short cable lengths, with variable cable inlet from outside
Rack accessories Optional available: rack mounting kits; cable management solutions; networking components, I/O switches, mounting kits, accessory kits, shelves, electrical connections, monitoring (rack console, rack monitoring system, KVM switches), uninterruptible power supply (UPS), power distribution units (PDU)
Security functions Mechanical lockable front and rear door (optional electrical) with standard identically lock or possible different lock combinations.
Optional antitilt protection.
Shipment Optionally ex-works, fully mounted and tested including cabling. Shipment includes 4 heavy-duty castors and 4 adjusting feet on a shock-absorbing pallet.


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