D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone

Unleash Communication Potential with the D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone

Product Type: VoIP IP Phone
Brand: D-Link
Model: DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone
Features: 4 Soft keys, 10 DSS keys, 4 Navigator Keys, Hold, Call Forward, Three-party conference, Phone Book, MWI, Headset, Redial, Numeric keys (12), Mute, Vol-/Vol+
Condition: New
Availability: Available
Price: Contact us for pricing

Empower your communication endeavors with the D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone. Designed as a VoIP IP Phone, it’s packed with features like 4 Soft keys, 10 DSS keys, and 4 Navigator Keys, offering streamlined access to various functions. Benefit from functionalities like Call Forwarding, Three-party conferencing, and a Phone Book, enhancing your communication efficiency. Its sleek design includes a headset option, Mute, and Volume controls. This brand-new IP Phone is ready to revolutionize your communication experience. Check availability and discover the potential – contact us today for pricing details.


D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone

Product Overview: 

The D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone is a feature-rich and versatile communication device designed to enhance business communication and productivity. With its advanced functionality and user-friendly design, this IP phone is a valuable addition to any modern workplace. It combines essential calling features with intuitive navigation, making it an ideal tool for efficient communication.

Key Features:

  • 4 Soft Keys: The IP phone features 4 programmable soft keys that allow users to access various functions quickly and easily. These soft keys can be customized to perform specific actions based on individual preferences.
  • 10 DSS Keys: The 10 Dedicated Speed Dial (DSS) keys provide one-touch access to frequently dialed contacts or extensions, streamlining the calling process and saving valuable time.
  • 4 Navigator Keys: Navigating through the phone’s configuration and settings is made convenient with the 4 navigator keys. These keys facilitate smooth menu navigation and configuration adjustments.
  • Hold: The hold function allows users to place an ongoing call on hold, ensuring they can attend to other matters without disconnecting the call.
  • Call Forwarding: The call forwarding feature permits users to redirect incoming calls to another extension or external number, ensuring calls are efficiently managed.
  • Three-Party Conference: Conduct collaborative discussions with the three-party conference feature, allowing multiple participants to join a call simultaneously.
  • Phone Book: The built-in phone book enables users to store and access contact information, simplifying the process of calling frequently used numbers.
  • MWI (Message Waiting Indicator): The MWI feature alerts users when they have voicemail messages or other notifications, ensuring important messages are promptly received.
  • Headset Compatibility: The IP phone is equipped with a headset jack, enabling hands-free communication and increasing comfort during prolonged calls.
  • Redial: Easily redial the last dialed number with the redial function, reducing the hassle of manually entering the number again.
  • 12 Numeric Keys with Star & Pound Key: The standard numeric keypad includes the star (*) and pound (#) keys for various functions, such as inputting special characters or accessing menu options.
  • Mute: The mute function allows users to mute their microphone during a call, ensuring privacy and reducing background noise.
  • Volume Control: Adjust the call volume using the dedicated volume control buttons, ensuring clear communication based on individual preferences.

Product Specifications:

Here are the detailed specifications of the D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone :

Feature Description
Soft Keys 4 programmable soft keys
DSS Keys 10 Dedicated Speed Dial keys
Navigator Keys 4 keys for menu navigation
Hold Yes
Call Forwarding Yes
Three-Party Conference Yes
Phone Book Yes
MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) Yes
Headset Compatibility Yes, with headset jack
Redial Yes
Numeric Keys 12 numeric keys with star (*) and pound (#) keys
Mute Yes
Volume Control Dedicated Vol-/Vol+ buttons


The D-Link DPH-400G/F5 IP Phone is a versatile communication tool that offers an array of features designed to enhance productivity and streamline communication in a business environment. Its intuitive design and comprehensive functionality make it a valuable asset for any workplace.

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