Server Buybacks and IT Asset Recovery

Consolidate your datacenter IT decommissioning and asset recovery with The Server Store! The Server Store can pay you for your used servers, storage, and networking equipment.

Our current company is one of the premier end-to-end asset lifecycle management providers for datacenters and IT leasing companies.

As one of the largest resellers of IT equipment in the world, we can purchase large volumes of datacenter IT hardware. Nobody knows the server market better than us, which means we can pay you fair value for your end-of-life gear.

We have worked with cloud providers, tech companies, and even OEMs to buyback surplus servers that have been decommissioned.

If your company has strict requirements to follow, we can help you manage these as well. We offer many custom services including pickup logistics, hardware audits, and data destruction certificates. We can wipe hard drives in any manner required, including 3-pass and DoD standard.

we provides a common set of processes, safety measures and documentation requirements for businesses that repair and recycle used electronics.

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